Welcome to the Marple Newtown Amateur Radio Club

The Marple Newtown Amateur Radio Club uses the W3DI repeaters on the following frequencies:

               VHF - downlink: 147.195 MHz, uplink: 147.795 MHz, PL 100.0

               UHF - downlink: 442.250 MHz, uplink: 447.250 MHz, PL 131.8

The club conducts a weather and information net daily, starting at 8:30 AM, on these repeaters.

Repeaters are more often than not the first tools that new amateur Technician Class licensees will use to communicate. There is an abundance of low-cost VHF/UHF radios available on the market today, hence the inexpensive entry point for the newly licensed amateur radio operator. The American Radio Relay League has published a detailed treatise on repeaters and is available for download here.

Using appropriate software, repeaters can also take advantage of the Internet in two relatively popular ways called EchoLink and IRLP.

With the advance of the Internet and digital voice communications, amateur radio operators can now use their UHF/VHF radios to communicate in a variety of ways such as:

As new licensees become more confident, they may elect to participate in additional activities such as APRS. As the hobby continues to evolve, their interest is sure to follow.