Welcome to the Marple Newtown Amateur Radio Club

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the club's control, our meeting venue at the Newtown Public Library will be closed on our normal scheduled meeting date of April 2. Further, our alternate meeting location at the Gauntlett Center also will be closed on that date. 

But there is good news:

Meeting Information

Your club leadership has planned an "On The Air" session to occur at the same time and date as our now-cancelled April meeting.

Before you join the net, please register on this site to let the net controller know that you've joined the net then follow the instructions below. The link will not be active until just before the event. 

Please tune to either 147.195 MHz or 442.25 MHz FM on
Thursday April 2 at 7:00 pm. The program will not run
more than one hour, and will be very informative. You will
hear about club plans and on the air activities to enjoy
while you're stuck at home. We'll send some more details
in a reminder note as April 2 comes closer.

Our thanks to Dan Amoroso W3DI for the use of the repeaters
and our thanks to YOU for hanging in there with us!